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LEARN from IFHair Profressional center  

A space dedicated for you to explore, learn and above all to develop

passionate hairdressers. Seasoned instructors, experts in their field, are there to guide and inspire hairstylists at every stage of their professional journey.


The main goal of our salon and academy is to encourage hairdressers to develop their creative an professional side. 








NYC Skyline BW



This training program is designed and structured to benefit a wide range of professionals. From a newly certified hairstylist to a seasoned veteran, I offer:

  •  Personal Coaching,

  • Professional Support

  • Traditional One-on-One Mentoring


My goal is to fully immerse you, in hands-on practical work, and detailed demonstrations that are perfectly suited for your needs. It is a chance for you to understand how a unique style combined with products can produce a complete repertoire of different styles. It is important for me to work with you and personalize your training. I designed the training this way, so you are exposed to new advanced techniques of interest to you while staying in the comfort of your own salon and using your own product line.


Language Preference:

I am fully versed in both official languages and training can be conducted in either English or French. 



Journeyman training available 

Review of all the basic fundamental techniques of hairstyling or cosmetology programs. This class will prepare you for your practical exam. The Practical review is done on the mannequin head (only)

Payment is due at the time of registration . 

At IF Hair pro, we understand that becoming the best requires not only talent, but also dedication and continuous training. Our training center ensures that our team can always delivering the highest quality service. 

Isabelle Filion
Founder and Team Leader 


You can "Tailor your Training"

Private mentoring  or with a small group.                

Full day or Half day 

You will find below a description of the customize training available 


Consultation and communication with client

Use of product and tools to enhance styles

Hand on Demonstration

Hand on haircut cut session on mannequin or on model

Blow dry and finishing techniques


Learn to enhance and complement a haircut with the usage of colour.

Sectioning your design

Color with block 

Choosing the right colour for your client based on skin tones.

Foil weave and slice techniques

Foil with tint techniques

Free hand techniques


Perming or adding texture to the hair

Learn different winding techniques

Spiral winding, Piggyback winding, Stack winding, Traditional winding.

Learn to assess the integrity of the hair 

FULL DAY             9AM-4PM       

1/2 days are available on special request email : 

Certification will be issued

Additional Learning/Training

Private mentoring or with a small group 

Creative Hair for Women ~ Cutting Short hair for Men

By perfecting the basics of haircutting you will be able to take your skills to another level. The goal is to teach you how to work with the clientes facial feature, natural hair growth and shape of the head . We will help and guide you to develop your skills, so you perform and create like an artist. 




Long hair for women

Cutting long hair can become repetitive. Use your imagination and think outside of the box. 

By blending the different principles (proportion, emphasis, rhythm, balance, accent and harmony) you will be able to achieve a better understanding of cutting long hair in a creative way.

Cut and Color for a professional look

A good haircut will look great with a colour. 

In this class you will learn to customize the colour to emphasize  the cut and the client's facial features. We can use highlighting techniques, blocks of colour and other colouring techniques to achieve those results.  



Not everyone feels comfortable styling hair for a wedding, graduation or special occasion.

In this class I will introduce you to easy proven techniques, and ideas to help you develop your ability for styling.  

My motto “Quick and Easy = Simple and Classy”. 


Color my Hair, Color my World

Color is an important component that usually works in conjunction with a great haircut. Often the challenge is to decide what is the best style and what technique is best suited for your clients.

In this class I will introduce you to different ideas. We will work as a team on different concepts. 


Perm or Texture

We are seeing more and more curls and texture on models everywhere on TV, social media. 

In the perm and texture class, I will share the fundamental knowledge and different techniques to help you wind different designs to create effects, movement and rhythms. 

For registration email :


Group teaching 

 Please  note:   

There is a maximum of 5 participants per group session, which allows for equal amounts of attention for one on one training. 

The training online will be conducted on a mannequin head. (only) Training in person can be of your choice.  

In salon training can be done on model.


Cancellation or Emergencies 

No refund for cancellation.

In the event of an emergency, please notify me at least one week in advance with the option to rebook within one fiscal year based on availability.


Please Note: 

Possibilities of extra days are available upon request.


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