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Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Unhappy customers

It happens that you will get a call from a client who has issue or simply they need to complain. Every industry will experience this from time to time. So don't take it personally. If you receive a large amount of complaints, now that's different. I definitely would want to look into the causes.

The complaints may vary from colour fading too fast, haircut doesn't seem right, hair was cut too short.....etc.....

Don't Argue

What ever the complaint is, if you argue it will only enrage the client and make matters worse.

Now if the customers cross the line and become rude, that an other thing. Especially if the client is disrespectful.Try to stay calm.

Fundamentally, don't return the rudeness. Blaming them, for the problem will not help fixing the problem either. Pay particular attention and try not making them feel foolish.

By fuelling the situation, you may simply destroy the relationship for good. Think about it, and on the other hand if you solve the client problem they will be satisfied. You will be building long lasting good will. Be a class act, give yourself the satisfaction of being a problem solver.

Find solution


Be mindful. Often client will feels justified in receiving an apology. It helps them and they will start feeling better.

An example may be " I am so sorry Mrs Jones, you are experiencing this problem. I want to start by offering my sincere apology."

2- Listening skills

Don't interrupt and let an unhappy customer get their complaint totally off their chest. Find out more information and ask them to elaborate. Show empathy and agree that they sound unhappy.

Just listen!


Arrange a return visit as soon as possible so the client can see the person who performed the service.

You don't want bad situation to linger. Don't try to give advise over the phone, emails or text is not a good idea. The unhappy customer may get the wrong impression so it is a good idea to bring them back into the salon.

It is quite possible they may refuse to see the person who did their service originally. If it is the case, arrange for them to see the manager or an other staff where you feel the client would be a better match. Let them know that their needs will be address.

When the client is back and you have made an evaluation of the issue, if it's necessary for a service to be re-done then do it , with care and compassion. Don't delay it, and the service should be without charge.

Think about it, if you refuse to do what is necessary and needs to be done appropriately, the person may never walk thru your salon 's door ever again. On top of that, it can cost you. The reality is, the customer will say horrible things to their friends about you and your business.

You may want to ask yourself ! Is it worth it?

Instead, see this has an opportunity!

Perhaps it's the products they are using. May be they are not taking care of their hair properly. Could it be the chlorine in the pool? Could it be the medication they are taking? The sun? Menopause? Other condition...

Or simply they just don't know how to style their hair at home. Teach them, give your client a demonstration using recommended products.

Provide them with the 3R's . The Right products , Right techniques , Right result.

Some salons will have a sign indicating their services are guaranteed, " only when clients use the recommended products." Keep in mind, customers may be misusing the product recommended.

Remember, part of sharing something good is teaching and showing how to use it properly.

Isabelle Filion form IF HAIR Professional

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