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Business Building tools for my fellow Hairstylist........

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

- When you are addressing a client especially during a consultation never talk through the mirror. Direct eye contact is recommended because it is reassuring and it will encourages trust. Have a sit beside the client or position yourself between the mirror and the client.

- Always address the client by their name. This enhances personalized services and it will increases the client's trust in you. It also help and gives the client a sense of security.

Essentially you want to make the client feels like you know them.

- Smile. It shows that you are in a good mood, and show that you care about what they have to say. Think about what can happen, if you are positive and enthusiastic. Energy is contagious...........the client will be happy and won't hesitate to trust you.

- Your client doesn't have problem, they have opportunity! Offer suggestions.

- When you have finished your work make recommendation for products and invite them to pre book their next appointment . Don't forget to show your work to them. You are an expert and you know exactly what you do. What is really important is not to take your client for granted. We need to understand that are in the customers service and hospitality business. We spend time serving our client for their needs , we care and we need to show them love . Furthermore, you have the ability to make client feel better about them selves.

Isabelle Filion

Owner of IFHAIR and creator of IFHAIR Professional, academy of hair design online at

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