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Good business etiquette!

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Follow-up calls

Good business etiquette.

"First time clients", is to call the client a few days before their visit. It is an important practice and a good habit to develop.

Another good practice is not to forget to call your regular clients after a new service or a dramatic style change. A second call after 4 to 6 weeks is also good strategy. It will keep your appointment book busy.

Try to have a no fear attitude.

It's not easy and some people who are shy or scare, have a tendency to hesitate in regards to give the client a phone call. Some hairstylist think that they may end up with a bunch of complaints. You may be surprise and possibly you will end up with the opposite.

Look at the benefits

  • you can ask for referrals

  • your retention of new client list will increase

  • you will make more money.

  • in a rare event if there is a problem , you're in a position to take care of it immediately.

  • possibly you may shorten the length of time between clients visits.

  • you will demonstrate exceptional customer service therefore it will show that you care.

  • which will put you a head and above your competition.

Making a phone call to the client after a service.

this can be an example for you

"Mrs Jones, this is Isabelle from IF HAIR salon speaking . Hope you are having a great day . The reason of my call is to let you know how much I enjoyed having you as a guest at the salon the other day. You looked great when you left!

Mrs Jones, most of our new clients come to us by words of mouth, and we would appreciate it if you tell people who like your style where you got it done.

To keep your style looking fresh and sassy, we recommend to have it reshaped in about six weeks.

If you would like to reserve an appointment , we can do it now or I can reconnect with you at a further date. . would you like that?

Further more do you have any concern, you would like to address with me today ?

Well, thank you for your business and thank you in advance for your help.

Looking forward seeing you soon.

Bye for now. "

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