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IF HAIR Professional best recommendation to have a good solid Business.

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

If you are about to enter the work force in the hairdressing industry or perhaps you have been a hairdresser for a long time you may need to refresh your memory.

There is a certain standard in the industry that you may want to adapt especially about the way you are doing business in the hair salon.

Professionalism= the way you present yourself or the way you dress should always be professional. Client should be treated in a professional manner and make sure you give your client the 5 star treatment. Give them the best experience ever!

Respect= Like every relationship there has to be a certain level of respect from both parties. At the hair salon it is essential to have a healthy relationship with your clients.

Team work= to develop a good culture at the hair salon everybody needs to support one another. So all the staff need to lead by example and lend a helping hand to support each other when the need arises. Encouraging each other is beneficial for everyone and it is also needed.

Keep in mind you want to hire supports staffs, hairdresser, hair colorist that are not only enjoys peoples but enjoys serving them. Once you find the right people, train them. Your expectation of them will be clear. Go to the hairdressing school and all the academy of hairdesign. With their help, hire the best prospect for your business. Your receptionist needs to be amazing especially with phone skills, customers service, customer recovery and accessing the customers experience. The best customer service is delivered with a genuine smile, telling your client how happy you are to see them and how glad you are because they came to see you.

Your quest should be to work hard, be committed, always want learn and stay current to all changes and trends. "Don't just be a hair stylist. Be an expert, a hair designer and be the best at what you do".

-Isabelle Filion owner of IFHAIR and creator of IFHAIR Professional academy of hair design online

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