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Now, we realized that hairdresser's are perhaps part of an essential Service...

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

How we look and how we feel about yourself, is an important aspect of your mental makeup and wellbeing.

I have given over thirty -five years of my life working on my career in an industry that I absolutely love. Those wonderful years working behind a chair, perfecting my craft in the beauty industry have gone by so quickly... It did not take long for me to notice, my clients were not only benefiting from a beauty makeover, but they were also seeking emotionally and psychologically support. It is actually a known fact among us in our industry that client will often seek our services for emotional and psychological support, which happens without much fanfare.

This only happens after years of building trust and a solid relationship of cared and nurturing over the years. A visit to the salon provides clients a two hour window to compile the last six weeks of their lives.

It gives my clients opportunity to vent their frustrations, share their joy, sadness and also share their emotions. The topic of conversation varies from personal, confidential and sometimes just a little awkward. Most times the visit sounds more like a mental therapy session than a hair appointment.

I have learned to be non-judgemental. I have gotten better at studying my client’s personality and behaviours, their needs and provide a professional and supportive level of service. Just like a psychotherapist, I go home at the end of the day physically and mentally exhausted.

Hairstylist provides similar support mechanism as a certified psychotherapist and unfortunately, the professional institutions have not recognized cosmetology as a bona fide profession. Covid 19 Pandemic has put the focus back on the Hairstyling industry and just how important our profession is to the mental wellbeing of people.

Isabelle filion owner of IFHAIR

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