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The mirror tells the truth ..

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

At some point in our life we all need to make changes.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you have to ask yourself some important and critical questions? Such as

-what excites you the most about doing hair ?

-what makes you happy when you are doing hair ?

-what makes you go to work every day at the salon?

-do you like to do hair design ?

- do you feel great at the salon where you work at ?

-do you surround yourself with people who value you, who value your talent and make you feel good about yourself?

-do these people make you a better person and be a better Hairstylist?

There is a well know saying that goes like this: you are the reflection of the people you hang out with! Obviously if your friends are bad people, you may want to change them.

Be good to yourself, strive to be better at your craft. Treat your client with respect, and dignity. Make your client feel like a million dollars and be consistent with the service you are offering to your clients. Take the time to study the most successful hairstylist around you. They are successful for a raison and may be you can learn from them.

Isabelle Filion Hair Stylist and owner of IFHAIR

creator of IFHAIR Professional, academy of hair design online

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